Artist highlight:  Katherine Hooover
Interviewer:  Ken Hedgecokhttp://khedgecock.podomatic.com/entry/2010-07-03T17_09_12-07_00


  1. “Kokopeli” for solo flute, Katherine Hoover, flute

  2. “Thin Ice” for piano solo, Mirian Conti, piano

  3. “Double Concerto” for 2 violins & string orchestra; David Perry & Suzanne Beia, violins, with The Wisconsin Philomusica, Vartan Manoogian, conductor

  4. From “Canyon Echoes”, for flute & guitar; Laurel Zucker, flute, Richard Savino, guitar, movement 3, “She Mourns”, and movement 4, “He Returns”


  1. “Dream Dances”  for piano

  2. “Winter Spritis”  for solo flute, Katherine Hoover, flute

  3. “String Quartet 2”

  4. “Clarinet Concerto

  5. El Andalus for voice and piano

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* premiere

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posted by Yizhar Dagan

Wendela van Swol played your beautiful flute solo compositions Winter Spirits, Kokopeli and To Greet the Sun last Thursday March 17th in Gent Belgium. Enchanting music with wonderful melodies played with profound sensitivity and colorful expressions. Bravo for you Katherine and Bravo for Wendela.

New Compositions

Clowning Around, for multiple flutes (minimum 4)

with optional percussion.

Ayres, for soprano saxophone and piano

for saxophonists Christopher Creviston and James Forger.  

Based on works by John Dowland.

Two Preludes: I  "Uptown"  & II "Out of Town" for flute and marimba/vibraphone

for Zara Lawler and Paul Fadoul.

Turner Impressions*

1.  The Grand Canal (6’ 30”)

2.  A Steamboat in a Snowstorm (4’+)

3. The Music Room (6’+)

4. A First Rater (5’ 30”)


These pieces were written over a period of five years, as I chose among the incredible richness of the paintings of J. M. W. Turner (1775  - 1851), a most prolific artist best known for his paintings of the sea. Actually his work spans many subjects and various styles, from highly detailed to impressionistic.  These four short tone poems were inspired by specific works.  The first, of Venice at dawn, hangs in the Metropolitan Museum in New York, where I spent hours gazing at it, and watching people enter the room enter and be immediately drawn by its colorful beauty, as I was.  The second painting  is a whirlwind of snow: Turner was on a small boat in the English Channel in a storm so severe that the passengers did not expect to survive.  The third is an unfinished interior of an enormous room with two women in a near corner, one of whom is playing a harpsichord.  In this piece I have directly quoted a sonata by Haydn, whose music was much performed in England; in fact he visited London during Turner’s lifetime.  The last movement  concerns troop ships in a harbor.  These huge vessels  tower several stories, a most impressive feat of engineering, and a testament to the hubris of the British Empire, which intended to rule the world.  In this movement I have used “tatoos”; actual drum patterns which were used as navy signals at that time.  I have also quoted bits and pieces of Thomas Arne’s famous “Rule Brittania.”

March 5, 2011 in Plymouth, Michigan

Plymouth Symphony |  Nan Washburn, conductor

Katherine Hoover | Website by Mary-Ann Tu |copyright 2015

In February 2012  Katherine spent several days giving classes at the University of Wisconsin in Whitewater, ending with a concert of her works by faculty, alums and students, and rewarded with a standing ovation.


A trip to Spain followed shortly, with classes of flutists, and performances of various of her works, arranged by composer-flutist-conductor Peter Bacchus in Barcelona and flutist Wendela Van Swol in Cordoba.  Wendela is an outstanding performer with an excellent group of students.  Katherine enjoyed the teaching, the company, the food, the sights, and her first time on a motorcycle.


Christopher Creviston and Hannah Gruber premiered Katherine’s “Ayres” for soprano saxophone and piano in New York on February 24th, with 8 other performances scheduled throughout February and March, from upstate New York to Oregon and Arizona.  Chris commissioned the work along with James Forman.


Katherine returned from Spain in time to hear Mary Kathleen Ernst perform “Dream Dances” on the “Women’s Work”  series at the Player’s Theater in New York on March 11th.

On Monday, April 2 at 7:30pm the amazing bassoonist Peter Kolkay and pianist Alexandra Nguyen will be performing Hoover’s “Journey”  at Merkin Hall, in a concert co-sponsored by Concert Artists Guild and the League of Composers; Peter spearheaded a commission by a consortium of 31 bassoonists for this piece.

Premiere of "Toccata" for piano by Max Lifchitz on April 21, 2013 at Christ & St Stephen's in New York in North-South Consonance Concert.


Celebrating Katherine at 75!

Sunday, March 17th, at 2:15 PM

Presented by the New York Flute Club at the 2013 New York Flute Fair

Click here for photos of the event

Flutists include: Zara Lawler, Judith Mendenhall, Sato Moughalian, Mimi Stillman,

 Jan Vinci, and Katherine Hoover; Pianists Jeremy Gill, Suk Hee Hong; 

marimbist paul Fadoul  

Some oldies, and two new works!

Katherine Hoover has been announced as a winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Flute Association.  There will be numerous performances of her works at the 2016 NFA Convention in San Diego!